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The Family Network: Today's way of family life. Start now!

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Teresa M. (48)

„Day after day I experience the benefits of this invention and I appreciate it very much. Now I am much more relaxed, when my daughters go out at night.”

Isa L. (19)

„I saw FAMILO on TV and immediately told my family about it. My Mom is more relaxed, now that we are using FAMILO. It really helps to organize our everyday life!”

Paul K. (38)

„It’s awesome how easy staying in touch with my family can be. I don’t like using other messengers, since they force me to share my phone contacts. FAMILO however is perfect for comunicating with each other – I would always recommend it to others.”

The App



Where are you? How are you? What are you doing? Find out about your family members with just one touch.



The "Where are you" call is no longer needed. The "I arrived safely" message is a thing of the past.



Alert your family members and send them your current location if you need help.

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Download the app

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Invite your family members


  • You decide!

    Only you determine when your family can see where you are.

  • Your data belongs to you!

    FAMILO stores your data exclusively on servers in Germany. We do not advertise using your data and your data will never be sold or handed to third parties.

  • High-Tech Made in Germany!

    Unlike other apps, FAMILO is not battery-intensive. We achieve this through innovative algorithms for determining locations and places.