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Support & FAQ

Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions about FAMILO.

How can I add a new family place?

Tap in the location overview on “+ Add family place”. Now the app offers you to save your current location. Name the new place and click “Done”.
If you want to save a different place than your current location as a family-place, enter the requested address and click on “Search”. The map jumps to this address and you can create the new family place by clicking “Done”.

The places feature is not working properly: Notifications are delayed or fail

To make FAMILO working well, please make always sure that:
- the WIFI is always switched on, also outside becauce it is used for location tracking even if your not connected to a WIFI
- all location services are enabled for FAMILO
- mobile data is available
- all family members are logged in to FAMILO
- on the left side in the navigationmenu it is NOT the location mode “never”, which is activated
- the background app refresh is switched on (iPhone only)

What do the on/off-switches behind a person in a place mean?

Behind every person in every place there are two switches: Arriving and leaving the place. If the corresponding switch behind a person is activated, you get automatic notifications when he or she reaches or leaves this place.

I get checked in at certain places although I am just passing by.

Choose the particular place in the overview and then hit the edit button at the top. Adjust the radius around the place to the smallest size (150 m).

How can I delete a place?

iOS: In the places overview you tap on “Edit” in the top right corner and then the delete icon next to the regarding place.

Android: Press a place in the places overview for some seconds and then choose the trash can icon in the top right corner.

How can I add family members to my family?

1. In the family overview within the app you tap on "+ Add family member”.
2. Enter the first name and e-mail address and / or phone number of the future family member.
3. The person will receive an invitation via e-mail or SMS.

Invitation via e-mail:
The invitee installs FAMILO on their phone and logs in with EXACTLY the e-mail address with which they has been invited.
Invitation via SMS:
The invitee clicks on the link in the invitation SMS. This will open the browser. The person signs up themself with the e-mail address and a self- selected password. They will be lead directly into the app store or possibly the installed app. After installation, the person logs in to the app with the e-mail address provided during registration.

I’m unable to add family members to my family.

Generally only one person per family signs up on FAMILO and then adds the other family members from within the app by e-mail or SMS.
However, occasionally several members of a family sign up at the same time. In this case each family member inadvertently creates their own family and are unable to see each other within the App.

1. As it works during the invitation of a new family member, one person clicks on "+ Add family member“ in the App FAMILO and invites the other person via e-mail or SMS.
2. The invitee clicks the button / link and enters the e-mail address with which they wants to use FAMILO into the browser.
3. Now possibly opens a dialogue, where the invitee confirms, they wants to chance to the family they was invited to.
4. The invitee enters their individually chosen password for FAMILO.
5. Finally, the invitee opens the FAMILO app and logs possibly out ( left navigationmenu > My Profile Settings> My user account > Logout ). They then log in using the just defined e-mail address again.

How can I delete a person from my family?

Click on the profile tile of the family member for approximately 2 seconds and then click the delete button. They will get an e-mail to confirm the deletion process.

Can I become a member of multiple families at the same time?

With one e-mail address you can only be part of one family in FAMILO. However, you can register with a different e-mail address for a different family. Note that you are unable to be be logged in to several families at one time.

Can my family permanently track me in real time?

With the three different location modes FAMILO lets you decide how much your family knows. The options are: Anytime, Places only and Never.

1. Anytime: Your family members are able to check your location at the family map at any time. Please note that this can lead to high battery consumption.
Places only: Family members can see your location when you arrive at or leave family places. Also when clicking on “Share my location” or “Call for help”.
3. Never: Your family members are not able to know your location. „Share my location” or „Call for help” must be tapped, if you want them to know your current location.
These settings can be changed through “My location mode” in the navigationmenu (left top corner).

How can I let my family know where I am?

You can send your current posotion to your family by clicking on the “Send my location” button. You are able to provide an address or a public place and add further information such as a picture.

Is it possible to chat via FAMILO?

FAMILO has a family chat which enables the whole family to talk at once. The App provides emotions and the opportunity to be able to send pictures. All of our servers are located in Germany and your data is securely coded.

How can I see where my family members are?

FAMILO provides several options to see, where your family members are:
1. The family places: You can save family places and receive automatic notifications when a family member reaches or leaves one of these places.
2. The family map: In “anytime mode” the map shows the location of the last or current position of the family member.
3. Ask for location: Clicking on the family member in family overview, then “Show location”, sends them a direct message via Chat asking them where they are. The family member is then able to share their location.
4. Profile stream: Clicking on the family member’s profile tile in the family overview, shows you a list of places where they have been.

Am I able to see a location history, where my family member has been today?

If you click on a family member’s profile tile in the family overview, you can see a list of places where they have been.

Where are pictures saved, which I’ve sent to my family via chat?

Pictures, which you’ve sent to your family, are saved in your family album. To get to the family album you open the navigationmenu (left top corner) and click on “Family album”.

Which features other than locations does FAMILO offer?

In addition to the location functions, FAMILO enables you to chat, save pictures in a family album and keep a common To-do list.

What happens when I click the bell-icon “Call for Help”?

By tapping the “Call for Help” button you call your family for help. Your family members will be notified on their phone as well as by e-mail and are able to see your current position. If you trigger the alert, you will stay in the alert mode until you tap “I do not need help anymore”.

Which operating systems are supported (iPhone, Android)?

Currently FAMILO supports iPhones from iOS 7 (at least iPhone 4) and Android Phones (f.ex. Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG) at Version 2.3 and higher. One Family can consist of different devices, iPhone as well as Android. Windows Phone and Blackberry are not yet supported.

Does FAMILO impact the battery consumption of my phone?

Unlike other geo-location Apps, FAMILO minimally affects battery life. We achieve this by using a highly innovative, energy-efficient algorithm for determining positions.

Does FAMILO cost money?

FAMILO is free of charge. The App is financed by investors and is not for profit through advertising. Data will never be forwarded to third parties. Furthermore is the App’s development recognized by public promotion in Hamburg.

Where can I leave feedback on the app?

We welcome any feedback on the App! Therefore, we can can continue to improve FAMILO. Simply click the “Send Feedback” button in the help tab on the app, the feedback area on our website or send us an e-mail via support@familo.net.

Does my child have to have an own e-mail account?

Since every user ist identified by the e-mail address with which they sign up for FAMILO, every user needs an individual e-mail address.
If parents don’t want their children to have an own e-mail adress, they can create free e-mail addresses and manage one of them for their children.

How secure is my privacy data at FAMILO?

Your data belongs to you! All of your data is saved on servers in Germany and securely coded. We do not advertise using your data and your data will never be sold or handed to third parties.

How can I delete my user account?

Click on your profile settings in the navigationmenu on the left. Here you click on “Delete my account” and confirm your deletion in the e-mail sent directily to your address. All of your user data will be securely deleted from our servers.

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